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„Same problem different day, we keep carrying these sacks on our backs
not pulling our looks up concentrate on what's mine and myself
border is no strange word here, do you still mean what you say ?
do you believe what you mean, do you for real?“

We all want to belong to something or someone yet at the same time maintain our individuality. This dissonance creates a random synchronicity, which ends in a sculptural solidification and petrified as a showpiece of commonality.

Based on this idea, an improvised performance was filmed in a public space and edited into a video clip. Two bodies present the difficulties of existing together by variating between synchrony and asynchrony. Since the performance takes place in public, it acquires a socially relevant dimension, a sense of belonging. Through their interpretation, the performers ( Ofrin and Rainer Müntinga ) manage to combine poetry with humour.The Video was also a learning exercise in which Cargocult has formed a team of 40 women from 20 different nations to share, participate and understand the meaning of a creative process.Together they have listened to the song, read the lyrics and (have) spoken about interpretations. Then followed a phase of designing and creation along with the dancers. This video is a long-term project in which the process is in no way less important than the result.

Concept & Directing: Cargocult aka Andrea Huyoff & Beate Huss
Camera: Andrea Huyoff & Sven - Ole Renneke
Dancers: Ofrin, Rainer Müntinga
Costumes: Beate Huss, Sophie Baumgartner, Andrea Huyoff, Gundegma Ersel, Hanna Grunau Koschek, Mary Grewe,
Gülhan Toy, Ayca Celik, Esra Istanbul, Priaphon Hansakun, Hayfaa Chaabi, Randa El- Ladaoui and many more

3D: Jonas Bulik
Edit: Andrea Huyoff, Ofrin